How it works

Tuskz Mobile App

Tuskz is a household lifestyle app that allows account users to obtain their daily purchase on a discounted rate. Tuskz has a full range of categories to cater to individual needs. 

How it benefits you?

     1. Purchase your daily needs at a discounted price
     2. Participate and win E-vouchers on a weekly basis
     3. Allow usage of map locator to track all nearby deals available
     4. Save 5% - 20% of your monthly expenses
     5. Absolutely Free, no cost incurred

Categories of discounted entitlement

     1. Food & Beverages
     2. Gadgets
     3. Health & Fitness
     4. Housing Needs
     5. Kids
     6. Lifestyle
     7. Personal Grooming
     8. Pets
     9. Retails
    10. Self-Enrichment
    11. Services
    12. Travel
    13. Car Servicing
    14. Family Care

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